Created by Patricia Clairet, UP AND GO is an itinerant contemporary art event. It invites local and international artists to take a new look at different European cities, highlighting the everyday life. Based on its two pillars – to get up and to go discover new things - it celebrates exchange and spontaneous interactions with the public.

Together with designers Thibaud Sabathier and Florent Marigo, Florent Gomez developed the branding for the UP AND GO [manifeste de l’art en action] exhibition in Paris and Bordeaux. The focal point of the branding was to reflect the exhibition’s theme of art in action and integrate the idea of movement into the identity system.

With this in mind, we designed a simple, but bold identity that is based on a modular logo and a distinctive colour to reflect both motion and the eclectic mix of exhibitors. The logo actually mimics the exhibition title by moving constantly - it, so to speak, up and goes.

We have chosen a very powerful, bold yellow to give the colour primacy over the rest. The distinctive use of the colour creates a very recognisable identity and helps people associate it directly to the exhibition.

This idea of motion runs like a red thread through the whole project that encompasses everything from the logo, flyers, posters, tote bags and t-shirts, environmental graphics to the exhibition book. The modularity of the identity opening up a variety of combinations, we designed eight different flyers, eight different posters and eight different t-shirts to offer a moving language to represent UP AND GO.

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Designer: Florent Gomez, Thibaud Sabathier, Florent Marigo
Photography: Noellie Fournier