Muscari is a design furniture store opened by Adrien Terret and dedicated to art deco and vintage furniture, lights and art objects from the 30s to the 80s. It stands for high quality, rare and collection pieces and its offer ranges from French to Italian and Scandinavian design, from art works from Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand, Eero Saarinen, Harry Bertoïa to Gio Ponti. Situated in the southern French town Pau, its business is growing far beyond the city.

In 2017 Bureau Structure was asked to develop a new brand identity that would give the store a decisive edge over its competition, as well as diversify the audience and reach a younger demographic groups. The proposed new identity both shows the store’s culture of design by highlighting its emblematic design objects, and distinguishes it from other vintage or design stores in the city.

The idea behind it was to represent the modern design period, but with a contemporary twist, and to transform an independent store into a brand. To this end we have shortened the original name Galerie Muscari to simply Muscari to create a lighter and more modern wordmark and have created a logo which enhances the brand with a modern and simple approach. It is based on a well-known icon of modern design. Inspired by its shape, it is a wink to the iconic table of Eero Saarinen. This unique symbol represents the essence of Muscari and is instantly recognisable. The graphic form of the icon has allowed us to play with its shape and develop different variations for different purposes, especially highlighting on social media communication and merchandising.

For the branding we have kept the previous colours, as they are already associated with the store. The signature colour orange has been retained, but evolved to a more powerful shade to give it a more contemporary, stronger and younger feeling.

We have chosen Courier as the new typeface for the brand. Originally it was designed in the 1950s by Howard Kettler and became a standard font throughout the typewriter industry. By using this particular font, we are integrating the zeitgeist of the golden age of modern design into today’s digital world. In this way Muscari is bringing the 20th into the 21st century.

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Art Direction: Florent Gomez
3D rendering: Elie Monferran