Le Monde à Vos Yeux
Le Monde à Vos Yeux is an independent eyewear boutique, founded 10 years ago in Arcachon, a popular seaside resort in the southwest of France, which is specializing in one of a kind and designer pieces. A new branding should distinguish it from the competition and refresh the store. In collaboration with designer Thibaud Sabathier, Florent Gomez was commissioned to redo its brand and media strategy in 2017.

The new visual system is based on a strong typographic use around the Serifa font. Along with this typeface, a playful approach to the concept of eyesight is the recurrent theme of the branding. The logotype was created by playing with different weights of the font to imitate an improvement of sight. For smaller supports the abbreviation with the same principle is used to improve readability.

We wanted to create a fun and unique brand that reflects its unique pieces and varied collections. We designed a set of icons with the recurring use of Serifa’s letterform, including a spectacles icon using the O as the frame and playing with the different weights to create patterns for promotional supports. Other icons based on Pigassou’s test for vision examination in children were integrated in the communication. This way, the typeface did not only fulfill informative purposes, but also illustrative ones. To further underline the store’s eclectic selection, we used a large range of colours and designed the system in a way that the colour scheme can evolve from season to season as do the collections.

As community is an important element in Arcachon and the company’s spirit, we wanted to strengthen LMAVY’s position in the region and started commercial partnerships with other local companies and ambassadorships with local personalities like Maxime Castillo, a two time bodyboard world champion.

The colourful, fresh new branding and community-focused media strategy enhanced LMAVY’s visibility and made it stand out in the market.

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Art Direction: Florent Gomez, Thibaud Sabathier
Motion Design: Florent Gomez
Printing: Ex Anima