Jh Zane
JH.ZANE is an internationally recognised fashion label based in London and run by Creative Director and Chief Fashion Designer Juhao Zeng. Juhao Zeng graduated from Winchester School of Art, trained in Katie Eary’s and Gareth Pugh’s studios and worked as a free-lance stylist before launching his label in 2013. His designs reflect an androgynous style and are characterised by the combination of subtle details with classic silhouettes and new textures.

Assigned with refreshing the website, we wanted to design a living space that represents this growing and moving brand. As fashion is a fast-paced world, we designed a website that would reflect this notion and allow adapting and evolving with the label. We created a dynamic structure that is able to move, to change, but that keeps retaining the essence of the brand. This way, as the label is growing, so is the website.

The way we tied new collections, social media posts, and news together draws its inspiration from blogs. The underlying idea was to share the label’s latest developments and trends with the customers on a personal level, and in doing so, to enhance the relationship between the public and the label.

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Art Direction: Florent Gomez
Development: Same Studio