Hors Jeu! Festival 2016
Hors Jeu! Festival celebrates the cultural value of the most popular sport in the world. Based in Bordeaux, the first edition took place from 3rd June to 10th July 2016 during the UEFA Cup. The programme, ranging from conferences, exhibitions, workshops to film screenings, explored the impact of soccer on society, including art, design, fashion, architecture and food.

Together with designer Thibaud Sabathier, Florent Gomez was asked to create the visual communication of the festival. The identity was designed as a playful system referring to the game at heart of the event. More precisely, the whole communication - posters, flyers, programmes, banners, environmental graphics, website and social media visuals - derives from the offside rule, relating to the festival’s name.

We wanted the festival to be as visible as possible, therefore we chose three bright colours (orange, green and violet) for the branding. We also worked closely with the London-based printer Hato Press to produce all print material with a Risograph. This special printing technique allowed us to produce unique outcomes. In combination with pictures of Renaud Bouchez, the result created a powerful,loud and unmissable visual language all over the city.

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Video: UEFA - BBC2 - Raï3
Designers: Florent Gomez, Thibaud Sabathier
Festival organisation: Brev'Art, Clément Boudignon
Exhibition images: Renaud Bouchez