Retrospektive/Dieter Rams
Dieter Rams is a distinguished and world-known industrial designer, most associated with his designs for the consumer products company Braun and the furniture company Vitsœ. Many of his products like the SK-4 record player, the calculator ET 66 and the 606 Universal Shelving System are considered design classics. Based on his belief in "less, but better", his products excel through timeless quality, pure design and easy use.

Inspired by his designs, this proposal for the exhibition Retrospektive is a tribute to the genius of Dieter Rams. We recreated the patterns of his most famous objects to integrate them in the visual communication including entry tickets, flyers, posters, tote bags and environmental graphics. The identity is aligned to Dieter Rams’ 10 rules of good design.

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Art Direction: Florent Gomez