Str001™ alphabet
As a designer who thinks that everything has to be "thinking", everything needs purpose and everything has to be at the good place, I started the Str experimentation project as a creative and playful diversion to my daily work. After a while this recreational practice became a free space to explore forms and colours. It can be good or wrong, meaningful or meaningless, everything is allowed to provoke visual accidents and study the power of shapes.

Str001™ is the first outcome of this series of experimentation. Inspired by the work of the artist Robert Mangold and the grid typeface approach of Wim Crouwel, Str001™ creates a visible relationship between basic shapes and typography.
Str001™ additional glyphs
If shapes are a way to express meaning, why don’t we simply accept them as typography? With this in mind, I integrated an additional set of glyphs to the traditional alphabet that follows this obsession to write with shapes. Allowing an unlimited number of characters, this typeface is not complete and never will be.